# ComprehensiveViews

1001-Manage 1001-TeamManage 2001-TechManage 1001-Commercialized 3001-SystemAchitecture 4001-SystemsAnalysis 5001-Technology 6001-BankAndAccounting

As a financial IT practitioner, Hello everyone! As a fintech practitioner, which one of the following do you think is the most important for fintech practitioners, which one is your strongest right now, and what other skills do you think are particularly important?

  1. SoftPower Empathy Communication etc

  2. Manage-TeamManage

  3. Manage-SelfManage

  4. Manage-ProjectManage Commercialized

  5. SystemAchitecture

  6. SystemsAnalysis database design UI Design

  7. BankAndAccounting

  8. Technology SpringBoot Vue Electron